What is digitalization and how your business can benefit from it?


A guide for entrepreneurs: What is digitalization, how your business can benefit from it and how to step into it

In this text, we are going to explain what is digitalization, which benefits it can bring to a company and how our team (Lilly021) creates solutions in process of business digitalization.

Digitization vs digitalization

Digitization is the process of transforming physical things (like documents, photos, audio, and video materials) into a digital signal. That is done by turning an analog signal into digital. Scanning of photos is an example of digitization.

Digitalization means using existing technologies in order to optimize actions or processes, generate profits and move your business to the digital world. Almost all companies use digitalization like a tool to achieve better performance and position on a market.

Digitalization is the process of putting the real world into digital, in order to perform tasks faster and with a better result

There are many ways to use software to enhance your business, and we have created a list based on our experience:

  • All documents in one place, easy to find – on just a few clicks you can find all contents (audio, video content, email, scanned documents…);
  • Online access – creation, verification and distribution of documents, by the digital signature in any time from any place;
  • Cooperation of consumers – When employees use the same software, they will collaborate faster and more efficiently in performing their tasks. For example, you can create reminders, calendars, and schedules, delegate tasks and create notice board. The additional advantage is that every person will have all the necessary information, so there is no space for misunderstanding and mistakes happen less often;
  • Implementation of custom business rules into software – for example, automatization of the process of supply, creating uniform documents like contracts and fractures, automatically generating different reports based on the collected information. Also, new employees will faster learn your business roles and fit in the organization;
  • Integration of business – you can collect information from all sectors of your company and share useful information between them;
  • Authorization and protection – each user will have the right to access only certain information;
  • Support all types of devices – software can also be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops…
  • Reporting – computer collects, processes and creates statistical and other analyzes faster and more accurately than humans
  • Transparency and easy monitoring of the business

Our team has already created many software solutions in different areas, so we will give you a brief example of how we help our client to reduce the time of executing one process from 1 day to 30 minutes.

We have created a Safety and Health Management System for our client. One of many tasks in this field is checking the current state of health and safety, creating reports and issuing a certificate for companies. This process is complicated and takes a lot of time on travel to different customers locations, generating custom checklists, generating reports, issuing client certificates and communications. Tasks are performed by employees from different locations, which makes monitoring and coordination time-consuming. In the graf below are shown steps of process execution without using digital solution.


The following graph shows the executing procedure using the software.


As you can conclude, many costs are reduced (transactional cost, time, manipulative cost) and everything is done more faster.

There are many made solution, but good software is like good clothes, it is always better when it is made to measure. We can make software adapted to your needs and business logic.

Our mission is creating solutions which:

  • reduce cost,
  • increase profit,
  • make your customers happier,
  • give you a competitive advantage,
  • present all the positive sides of your company to your customers and cooperates,
  • is secure,
  • have an intuitive and user-friendly interface.