The process of developing a software product.

The 21st century is a century of innovation. These innovations are very often in the field of information technology and bring great benefits to the community. Many ideas, resulting in web services, applications, and so on. Were created as the idea of an individual who had a vision. Committed work and effort are responsible for implementing the idea into reality.

In the process of realizing the idea, it is always good that you have strong partners with whom you can share your vision. In the domain of information technology, a strong partner is a software company that is ready to meet complex problems and solve them with dedicated work.

The first step in realization is the documentation, specifically the project requirements. In Lilly021, each potential collaboration begins with the creation of project requirements. Experienced project managers together with the client work together to create documentation through several iterations. In this way, as a software company, we understand what we need to develop for the client, and the client knows that he/she will get what he/she wants.

The second step is to estimate the time and money needed for the implementation of the project. If the client’s assessment fits the given budget, the project starts.

Lilly021 uses agile software development methods that guarantee to the client deadlines, the ability to be involved in the development and verifies that the project is on the right track.

When the result of a project, a web service or an application becomes available to the customers, a sense of pride is our reward. Of course, our business does not end there, along with our client we are working on product improvement and adapting to customers expectations.