The Intern’s Guide to the Lilly021 Galaxy

Nowadays, internships in the IT industry are becoming a staple. Lots, if not all students studying computer science or its related subjects and self-taught programmers are in some period of their career looking for an internship as a way to learn new skills, improve the knowledge they already have and strengthen their resume. There are also a lot of advantages of a company taking interns such as finding great talent, “test driving” them in a work environment, and potentially getting a new employee who is already a proven fit for the company.

Lilly021 is no exception, we take interns all year long from QA, front and backend to full-stack developers.

If you are to decide you want to give us an opportunity for your internship the first step is to contact us on our official mail. Our HR checks the inbox daily, so make sure you send your resume and write which position you’re interested in. Expect an answer in maximum two days. If we have an open position we will schedule a HR and technical interview to check your interpersonal skills and technical knowledge. Even though practical knowledge is precious, we share an attitude that fundamental skills of your position are a must-have if you want to be successful and deliver a high-quality product. The internship is an opportunity to implement and expand the knowledge and skills you already have in a practical way, not a “start from zero” scenario.

After successfully passing the HR and technical interview, we will keep in touch on all the specifics of your internship, such as when would you start, how long you will do an internship, if we have more projects which project would be most interesting for you to work on and similar details. Usually, interns start at the beginning of a month and the internship lasts for about 4 weeks.

When the specifics are determined you will be onboarded to the team you will be working with and all the other teams and colleagues in the company. You will have a dedicated mentor who will do his best to give you all the necessary help and instructions to guide you in the right direction but don’t hesitate to ask other colleagues anything, everybody will gladly help you.

When the internship period passes, after evaluation if we find you have done your tasks on a satisfactory level and we have a job position open, a potential full-time or part-time job offer can arise. If this seems interesting, send us an email at, we would be happy to have you as a part of our team.