Team building


Companies often gather their employees, create a set of different activities in an effort to make a team building. Even though some employees don’t enjoy them and try to evade them if possible, some employees enjoy spending their time and doing these types of activities with their colleagues. There are certain benefits to both the company and the individual in organizing and participating in team buildings.

  1. Interpersonal relations – activities and games that emphasize teamwork have a goal to strengthen the communication between team members, which can later be transferred to the office. Learning how to give and receive feedback, sharing knowledge and building trust in the team members leads to a more open communication and a team with fewer conflicts and better functioning.
  2. Setting goals – these types of activities are also beneficial when aligning around set goals. Including employees into action planning, goal setting and measuring their progress impacts them positively in a sense that it increases their motivation and a sense of belonging to the company. When returning to the work environment they will more easily define their goals, track their successes and failures and be more aware.
  3. Clarification of roles – organizing an activity that includes specific structure and defined roles gives the employees a chance to understand the importance of their own role and the role of others in the team. This will teach employees about the importance of sometimes depending on others and working together towards finishing a goal.

Team buildings can be organized inside the office but usually, the company makes a one or two-day trip to a specific team-building facility or a place of their choosing. It can be used to introduce the individuals of a new team to each other, to make sure a new member of an existing team will fit in or to boost the motivation and facilitate the cooperation of an existing team.

Team buildings are great to make the workplace a more comfortable environment and an ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and have fun. If you want to offer something that employees will enjoy and remember, a team-building is a way to go.