Sub-culture as a crucial element of business surrounding

Culture is widely considered to be a collection of intellectual and artistic legacy of a certain society. While it is, it provides but a vague idea of what it could be in day-to-day situations. In a way, culture and more specifically sub-culture could be understood as a lifestyle. Sub-cultures define the way in which we live and how identity is constructed

A sub-culture is a particular part inside of a culture that distinguishes itself with features that depict and imply uniqueness to some extent. Therefore, a sub-culture represents a group of people that went through similar processes and have been influenced in a way to develop certain characteristics, which are defined as specific for them. An example of this can be the subculture of basketballers inside of a culture of the sport.

Sub-culture as a lifestyle

Every individual has a need to identify with certain norms and values that a culture (sub-culture) carries. Each generation builds its identity and acquires new habits. These habits and norms define us as people and business actors. We choose a certain company because we have heard that it is good at this or that it does that. Albeit, sub-culture is more, it gives a characteristic of how will the result of a company be delivered. The very lifestyle of the company and its employees determine if whether or not a product will be low quality, innovative, edgy, etc.

Demography of the company and its importance

When creating the structure of a company there are many specifics that have to be taken into account. As a technological firm, we strive to build an environment that gives freedom and creativity greater importance, as well as understanding the personality of our employees.

In the case of our company, there is a term, coined as “IT community” that comes with many implications. For instance, it is highly improbable that an employee in an IT company will have low technological knowledge and dependence.

All these aspects are important in order to be conscious that people love to be treated according to their beliefs and values, this is the bedrock when building the atmosphere and workflow in the firm. Taking into account who works with whom in the team and how do you match people throughout projects will inevitably lead to a better work environment

This sentiment that the firm constructs later manifests in relationships with clients. Products are delivered and made as the team understands them, not everything lies in technological knowledge. The manner in which tasks are handled comes from a cultural background and not from knowledge.

Here at Lilly021, we love to say that we tailor our workflow, we love to be innovative and flexible and strive to deliver what our client asks us to do.