Software Engineer vs. Software Developer

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer

When it comes to the terms “software engineer” and “software developer”, the terms are so often confused. These are often used interchangeably and both relate to software creation.

While there tends to be overlap between the two roles, they don’t mean quite the same thing.

Software Engineer

Software engineers are expected to plan the entire life cycle of product development and to design a holistic solution. While implementing engineering theory and computer science principles, they are responsible to methodically conceptualize a systematic solution and to solve issues on a much larger scale.

In addition, software engineers must have a strong programming background to be able to communicate with programmers who translate the engineer’s instructions into developing the programs and software.

As the ultimate concern is the quality and stability of the system. software engineers are also responsible for regularly testing and maintaining the software.

Software Developer

The main responsibilities of a software developer are implementation, testing, and deployment. Software developers analyze the software requirements and turn ready-to-use project specifications into code. Some of the main expertise areas include knowledge of at least one front-end or back-end programming language, applying specifications in code, testing the newly created software, and running software product maintenance upon the release.

Software developers work closely with both engineers and product teams — including, product managers, graphic designers, customer representatives, and senior managers.