Serbia is recognized by the Startup Genome as being suitable for the development of a startup.

If you are a startup and looking for an ecosystem where you could develop your business, Serbia is the ideal place for it. The proof of this is the fact that Serbia is recognized by Startup Genome. You can read more about this here.

Who is the Startup Genome? Here’s what they say about themselves:

In a technology-fueled global economy, our mission is to support forward-looking regions to catalyze their startup ecosystems. Our impact is rooted in over a decade of independent research with data on over a million companies across 150 cities. Working side-by-side with more than 300 partner organizations and global thought leaders, our frameworks have become instrumental in building foundations for startups to grow. Our efforts earned us the Research Champions award at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2019. Now, our focus is to help develop ecosystems through data-driven strategies.

Here in Lilly021, we think the same. Serbia is a great place to raise your startup. Lilly021 believes that the work on developing a new product is a valuable experience. For this reason, it is always a pleasure for us to join forces with promising ideas and create software that will change the world.