SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? What does the optimization of websites in the context of Google search mean? Whether it’s the sales of products or services the point is, of course, to be the first match in Google search. But, it isn’t simple. Optimization is a process that requires constant attention. It isn’t enough to do it just once and consider it done. Continuous maintenance and improvement are very important.

The first phase

The optimization of web-sites starts in the first phase of creating a site. For Google, the most important things are the title tag and description tag. They are visible on the first page in any browser. The tittle tag should be within the range of 60 and 70 characters. The description tag should not contain more than 160 characters. The keywords are also very important for searching. It needs to have a keyword in the heading and the first paragraph. Competitor’s web-pages need to be researched. The keywords that users usually use should be researched and based on the results we need to create our own keywords. That implies the definition of the corporative advantage over the competitors.

Readability – an important factor

Readability is one more important factor for SEO. Good content needs to consist of subtitles and external and internal links. It’s important to keep the user’s attention. The purpose is to get the necessary information in the smallest possible description. The point is to make them go back to the site. Web-sites need to be adapted to the users, not to browsers. Of two identically optimized sites, a web-site that has more images will be better ranked. Every image has to contain an alt attribute. Also, the size of the images needs to be compressed, or adapted to the size of the site. This affects the site speed.

Site speed

The loading page speed should not be longer than 3 seconds. This is the time period during the users are still interested. Later, they leave the visited page. The page speed increases when the CSS and JS files are compressed. Good practice on how to keep visitors – is to speed up the first page. Namely, the part on the page which is visible to the users needs to be loaded very fast. The first page can be made faster by putting inline CSS in the part which is visible to the visitors. No time is needed to load the whole CSS file. The first page is immediately visible which leaves time for the remaining external CSS file to load.


Well, optimized websites need to be adapted to different displays. In the last few years, the number of users, which visit sites from mobile phones, has been growing. This is why most web sites are made according to the mobile-first principle. Voice search is becoming more and more popular.

New content – blog post

In the case of the optimization of already existing web-sites, a good practice is to add new content. It will be a page for blog posts. That attracts visitors, and in case the content is interesting, it keeps there them. Social networks also have a strong influence. Everything new on the site needs to be shared on social networks. It should have clear, regular and interesting posts – something that is interesting for the visitors of the site. The first signs of optimization ate not immediately visible. This is why regular maintenance is necessary.