Reasons To Go For Drupal

Drupal is very similar to WordPress, yet they are different in some ways. Both are great tools for building different types of websites. They are free to use, they have a large number of plugins, a large number of users and are both open source. But there are some differences that may sway you to choose one over the other.

But why choose Drupal?


Since it’s an open-source platform, and anyone can look, use or modify the code, it needs to be secure. This is a big advantage for Drupal. Enterprise level security and in-depth security reports mean that even some U.S. government sites use Drupal. It is imperative to update to the latest version of Drupal (Drupal 8) in order to have the necessary security and to receive any future security patches for your site and data to be protected and secure.


Drupal is free to download, install and use. It is very powerful and flexible and can be used to create a large variety of websites. But it is more complex than WordPress. So if you are not a programmer, chances are that you will then need to hire someone, so the cost of making a website goes up.


Drupal might be slightly more complex to learn than WordPress, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy and straight forward. Unlike WordPress, which was created as a blogging platform, Drupal has a lot more capabilities. It can handle a lot more pages and users. And with the newest version, Drupal improved page performance. So bigger and more elaborate projects are more suited for Drupal. You may require some knowledge in web development, which makes Drupal somewhat complex, but it’s capable of making advance sites, with high security, so maybe, it’s worth to go through that steeper learning curve.

Themes and Modules

Unlike WordPress, where you can find a lot of free and paid themes and plugins, Drupal offers a small number of themes. It is more focused on custom development of how your site should look. But there is a large number of plugins, or modules, as they are called in Drupal. Downloading and installing modules is relatively easy, but some help might be required in implementing them.

So if you need large and complex website, and you want to have high security, then Drupal is the way to go.