Reasons Adobe Analytics is Popular

What is Adobe Analytics?

It’s a marketing platform designed to give business owners real time insights and historical data of how their audiences behave. As a business owner you can use these informations to make immediate changes or develop long-term strategies to better engage with your visitors.

Adobe Analytics is trusted by many big names – Barclays, Dell, MasterCard, Nissan and many more, and yet majority of users are small business owners.

1. Analytics Gathering

– Platform goes far beyond recording basic metrics like clicks on your website, sure those numbers are important, but its not gonna give you a competitive edge in this day and age.
With Adobe you have a platform that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and lots of other advanced technologies to gather a wide range of data.

Then, it’s organised for you, so all this information is as easily accessible as possible. Some business owners want really detailed information, maybe there are insights you would love to have, but you are not able to get them with any other platform in the market. This is were Adobe’s calculated metrics come in to play. You literally setup your own costume analytics to tell Adobe what kind of user behaviours you want to have a report on. You can then segment these metrics however you want for easier understanding of the report.

2. Adobe Analytics Channel Monitoring

  – It gathers data from just about any channel imaginable, even the ones that are offline, most platforms can only track information from mobile and desktop devices, but adobe analytics can easily record information coming from brick-and-mortar stores, wearable devices and other IOT devices.

With its customer journey analytics you can collect all of this information from all of these different channels and integrate it into one interface. 

3. Cross-Channel Attribution

 – Adobe Analytics is practically unrivalled when it comes to cross-channel attribution, which means its phenomenal in providing information about every interaction from a single costumer whether its through earned traffic, organic traffic, paid traffic or other outside channels.

 This means you can see every step that costumer took that led to the conversion, no matter where it occurred. Over the time this will show you which steps are having the biggest impact on your conversion, and which ones may actually be hurting you.

4. Predictive Analytics

 – The vast majority of analytic platforms will let you know about the past events, but adobe analytics leverages AI, and machine learning to automatically review this kind of information, and then make predictions about what the future holds for your companies online efforts. In other words, it will guide your marketing budget to where it will make the biggest impact. 

5. Reporting that’s easy to share

– Simple and easy to use interface, that makes sharing projects between teams real easy.