Product requirements – backbone of the project

Project represents an intentional and directed, specific, finite activity that produces an observable and measurable result under certain preset requirements. Tackling the dimension of being specific and measurable, a project must have defined boundaries of the result that must yield.

For the IT sector, these specifics mirror though the document known as product requirement. It is mostly written down at the beginning of the project, even in the form of the skeleton of what ought to be done. Some methodologies allow the requirements to come in periodically, as the work progresses and where the client can present specifics for each work increment. The nature of this flow depends on the organization and the work culture, but mostly of the agreement that the organization had with owner of the project.

When we talk about the project, we refer to external project that a client orders. The process of the agreeing to the amount of work and the result expected are defined in the beginning. For this the product requirement is a crucial document where the agreeing parities settle on what should be the outcome. The product requirement should have the answer to the questions of what will be done, to cover all the cases, to predict the scenarios, to define all the dependencies and the overall goal of development.

Depending the agreement, in most cases the client expects the result to match the initial agreement. Changes are always present and can occur during the development, but the document is there to allow both sides to be sure of the course in the project.

Having well documented plan and initiation helps in further steps to assure the work flow goes in the right direction. It is important to highlight that all depends on the agreement between the two sides and the nature of the relation.