Outsource Your IT to Serbia – here is why!

Serbia - outsourcing country

IT has become a gear that runs the whole world. There is a growing need for engineers who turn ideas into work. These ideas serve humanity and make the world a better place. This growth generates a great need for software engineers. Companies often do not have a sufficient number of engineers in their own country and therefore often opt for outsourcing. When Western companies are considering outsourcing, it is usually thought of countries in Asia. The fact is that there are countries in Europe that have a much better choice and the best choice is Serbia. Here is why!

1. A large number of companies.

The IT sector is in constant growth in Serbia. Every year, Serbia is richer for hundreds of new companies whose goal is outsourcing. Belgrade and Novi Sad are the largest centers and the largest number of companies are located there. Companies are mostly created when very good engineers, who were employed by leading IT companies, decide to open their own companies. In this way, from the very beginning, companies have expertise, processes and business culture.

web development company2. The ideal time zone

Serbia belongs to the Central European Time Zone, which is positioned ideally between East and West. Therefore, the working hours in Serbia are absolutely appropriate for working hours in Europe. However, Clients from America or Asia will have an overlap of 3 to 4 hours, which is enough for everyday communication.

3. High expertise

Since childhood, children in Serbia have a good education. Through a modern education system in elementary and secondary school, they acquire fundamental knowledge that gives them a strong basis for improving the profession they choose at the faculty. Both the University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad are ranked high in the Shanghai Ranking. University professors are an integral part of the IT industry. Their knowledge through consulting services for companies is a guarantee of the quality of these companies. Also, the experience gained in this way, the professors passed on to their students. In this process, everyone is on the winning, companies, professors, students, and companies that are interested in outsourcing.

4. Similar Work Ethics

Serbia is a modern European country and does not differ in any way from other European countries. In all areas of the economy, Serbia has been dealing with other countries for centuries. For this reason, there are no obstacles to everyday communication and cooperation. In addition, a lot of people from Serbia have sought their training at prestigious European universities, which helps them in cooperation with the whole world.

5. Multinational companies are already in Serbia

If you decide to outsource to Serbia you will not be alone. Successful companies are already here and have been using Serbia’s strengths to improve their business for years. Companies such as Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Continental and Ubisoft have managed to reduce costs and increase the quality of their business.

6. Law

Serbia is in the process of joining the European Union. For this reason, the laws of Serbia are adapted to the laws of all European countries. Those who choose to outsource to Serbia do not have to worry about the rights of their citizens since the laws of Serbia protect them in the same way as the laws of the countries from which they come.

7. IT recognized by the government

IT industry is a priority of the government of the Republic of Serbia. For this reason, investments in IT are high and give positive effects. That’s what the numbers say so that Serbia in 2018 had a billion euros revenue from the IT industry. All statistics are positive and thanks to Vojvodina ICT Cluster, you can find a detailed overview of their publication (ICT in Serbia – At a Glance). The IT community is strong and through various associations and organizations works on the promotion and improvement of the IT sector.

8. Price quality ratio

The motive of companies to outsource the development of software is to reduce costs. For sure we can say that the IT industry of Serbia has a good price and quality ratio. The specific position of Serbia tends to compete on the world market without affecting the quality of the service. Regardless of whether you want to develop a new product or to improve the existing one, Serbia is certainly a good place to look for outsourcing.

9. Visiting Serbia

When a company operates in several countries, it also brings travel, and Serbia is a great place for it. People who visit Serbia come home smiling and happy. Serbia is a land full of natural beauties and historical landmarks. Serbia is a country of people who will always welcome you. Good night and food are another big plus.


If you would like to know more about outsourcing opportunities in Serbia you can download our brochure with more details. Outsource your IT to Serbia (PDF)