Novi Sad is becoming a center of IT and innovation.

Thanks to the constant work and effort, Novi Sad becomes the center of IT and innovation in this part of Europe. Several different segments of society participate in this work, which, together, create a healthy ecosystem for the advancement of the IT industry. Equally, the economy, the education system, and government representatives participate in the whole process. It should not be overlooked that the entire community has recognized IT as the engine for all other sectors of the economy.

Who are these IT people?

20 years ago everything was different, the IT community was very small and there was no strong basis for progress. At that time, owning computers for private purposes was a luxury and it was very difficult for people to get interested in programming. Literature was scarce and programming was reserved for those with a background in electrical engineering and gifted for information technology. As computers become more affordable and informatics is introduced in elementary schools, more and more young people have been able to break the programming and information technology boom. The Internet has also contributed to people having access to educational content.

10 years ago, the previous steps had effects. There were stable companies where software engineers worked for many years and had a decent income. Even then, it was certain that anyone involved in software development would surely be able to provide a decent life for themselves and their families. The largest companies were created as a result of the work of the professors of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, which led to the effective integration of the education system and the economy. Young engineers already had the opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the final years of their studies, which is actually the goal of every educational process. Companies such as Schneider Electric DMS, RT-RK and Levi9 gave an initial breeze to the back and set off rapid progress.

At that time, the real information fields in the faculties were still in their infancy, so that the majority of students attended electrical engineering.

Today, colleges have clearly defined student programs that precisely direct students in the direction they want to go. Each year, the number of faculty places increases, which follows the tendency of the economy to expand. Already working engineers have gained immense experience and knowledge that they share through the education system and private education centers. Those who have an entrepreneurial spirit have started their own companies and contributed to making the Novi Sad IT community strong and diverse.

Is outsourcing the only thing we do?

The truth is, most companies live off outsourcing. Serbia is a very popular outsourcing destination and provides an opportunity for companies to expand and grow. Outsourcing is a double-edged sword, although it provides companies with a steady income competition globally is very strong, especially if we look at the price range and capacity of eastern countries such as India. The fact is that there are companies in India that have more developers employed than the whole of Serbia.

It’s nice to see that the companies that make the profits are investing in innovation. Outsourcing has also brought experience to the IT community in addition to money. If you work together for powerful companies from the west on advanced software solutions in different domains, this will surely bring you a great deal of knowledge in the industry. The combination of acquired knowledge and experience with money has led to almost all companies working on their software products. Some companies have already succeeded in this and their products are being used around the world. Company COING, for example, has developed a very successful product Clockify. Vivify Ideas has also developed a project management product VivifyScrum.

Of course, there are many other companies working on their solutions that will soon become known worldwide.


What’s all this nice thing going on?

It is definitely all going in the right direction. Companies are developing business, universities are targeting the IT education segment. One can see the clear promotion of Serbia and its presentation to the global market. There are a growing number of IT-related conferences and events. A major and important Wonderland AI conference has recently been held. We are also about to open a science-technology park that will provide the necessary space for colleges and companies on nearly 30,000 square feet.

It is important to note that companies have become socially responsible and there is an increasing number of events that bring companies something back to the community.

To conclude

Much has already been done, but there is also a lot of work ahead of ours. Although all the figures are on the rise, there is still room for improvement. The education system can and should be more effective. Although the state has recognized the potential of IT and enabled us to support it, they must do it even more actively, the atmosphere for business development must be better.

For sure, in 10 years we probably can’t even see what Novi Sad will look like, but it will definitely be the IT hub of this part of Europe.

We Lilly021 can hardly wait for that time and work with the rest of the community side by side to make it happen as soon as possible.