Library vs Framework



To speed up the software development process, one of the things that help us to achieve this is the use of libraries and frameworks of certain programming languages.


What is a library?


A library is a set of functions and objects that other developers can reuse. Developer makes decisions about what the architecture of the project will look like and calls the functionality of the library to get the job done. With libraries we are in more control over our code but with great power comes great responsibility.


What is the framework?


On the other hand, the framework may contain and use libraries, but with an additional predefined skeleton (architecture) of our project. Developers should follow the design pattern ordered by the framework.




On the web, we can easily find which framework and libraries are currently most popular for a certain programming language. For example, one of the most popular library that we use for our frontend development is ReactJS and framework Angular




Libraries and frameworks help us save time and allow us to focus more on customer requirements and prevent us from resolving common and recurring problems in software development.