How to create SaaS product?

On the global market, a lot of companies are engaged in providing services. Most of the services provided have the potential to experience digital transformation. This means that certain services can be completely replaced by the software or that the software will support the provision of the service. Software becomes a business process support and saves resources. SaaS (software as a service) becomes an integral part of every business, the question is: how to make a SaaS product?

1. Idea

The idea is our initial premise for the problem that the software could solve. This assumption can and does not have to be true. In order to be sure of our idea, we need to do thorough market research. Surveys, interviews with potential customers, competition research … are all ways to justify or challenge our idea. The advantage in the analysis of the idea is that companies already provide services because they have a much more realistic picture of the needs of their users. Particularly advantageous are companies that have done the digital transformation in their business because they have undergone the whole process of adaptation and know exactly what difficulties customers will have if they decide to use the software they are selling as a service.

A very important segment is market research, more precisely, is there any economic justification for investing in the idea.

2. Planning

When we found that our idea was justified, it’s time for planning!

The most important thing is to describe well the functionalities that the SaaS software we want to develop should have. It is a good practice to split functionality into segments that have a different priority. In this way, we know what is in the initial version we need to have and what can be added later through the improvements. The functionality description should be from the user’s point of view, more precisely what users will have as a value from the given functionality.

The planning phase is very important because the documentation that results from it serves as an argument during further discussions with designers and software. On the basis of the documentation, they will provide their suggestions and translate your documentation into the technical documentation. This technical documentation is the basis for giving time and money estimates for the development of SaaS products.

3. UI/UX design

UI/UX design is a very important thing. When we make software that people will use daily in their business, we have to make sure that it’s easy and quick to use. It is definitely a great plus and motivation for users to continue to use it. Special attention should be paid to this segment because it can greatly affect the decision of the client to use our software or not.

4. Development

We come to the development which is the most important link in the chain. Preliminary phases have no value if development is not done properly. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a stable development partner.

Prior to development, it is necessary to define technical documentation, development plan and plan maintenance and improvement. On this basis, the deadline for development and the resources needed for the development itself is defined. Resurse represents the team that is needed for development and technical resources such as servers, third-party software, etc. The development itself is the implementation of user requirements defined by technical documentation based on the given design.

Development is an iterative process, which means that the originally developed functionality changes based on feedback. For this reason, it is important that the software contractor is constantly involved in the development itself. Through a few iterations, each functionality gets its final form which is the result of development. Final functionality is what customers will use and will bring value to their business process.

When the development of SaaS software is completed and being put into operation, it’s not the end. It is also necessary to maintain further improvements based on feedback from clients. Each software develops exactly for clients and therefore their product rating is the most important. From this point of view, it is very important to provide a mechanism for collecting feedback.

How much development does it cost?

Each development of the software is measured by the number of hours invested in development, the number of hours depends on the length of development and the size of the team needed for development. The number of hours is multiplied by the price of an hour which again depends on the structure of the team and where the team is located.
Startups often use outsourcing services from around the world.

One of the countries where the relationship between price and quality of software development is great is Serbia. The price of the development in Serbia is between 30 and 60 EUR and for this price the top quality is obtained.

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5. Marketing and Sales

A segment that requires special attention – marketing and sales! There are many marketing and sales strategies and depending on the type of business you need to choose the right one. It is always a good option to consult with professionals and engage them. The market is large, but competition is growing, so marketing organized internally can lead to poor results. Engaging an expert may at first seem to be a more expensive option, but it often turns out to be not.