How to be productive while working from home

working from home

During the outbreak of the COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus disease, it is important to take care, act responsible and minimize the chance to get infected and spread the virus to others. Work offices are one of the places where the infection could be spread easily, so some companies are choosing to have their employees work from home. For this reason, we will be listing some tips and trick on how to manage working from home, staying productive and separating private life from office hours:

Make yourself feel like you are at the office

This could include making a dedicated workspace at your home. Don’t work from your bed under the sheets, a dedicated table with as least as possible objects unrelated to work will get you in the mindset adequate to get the job done. Also, you can act as if you are going to the office. Set an alarm, make your coffee, get in some nice clothes (avoid working in pajamas), all of this could help you to start your daily work routine. Staying connected to your colleagues is of great importance too. Choose from a variety of tools that can help you achieve this: Slack, Skype, TeamViewer or similar will do just fine. There are also some useful addons to install that will help you stay away from social networks, and help you to get focused on work.

Schedule the day the way you would as if you were in the office

If possible, start your hours at the same time you would in the office, and if 9-5 is your working hours try to keep the same routine at home. It would be tempting to multitask but it will most likely result in starting multiple tasks that will end up unfinished by the end of the day, so try to avoid it. Take your time in the morning and make your meals or have them delivered, so you don’t get distracted in the kitchen for the rest of the time. Also, separate your meal breaks, coffee breaks and similar from working, just like you would most likely do it in the office.

Avoid the bad, embrace the good

Making regular microbreaks will help you stay focused. Also a bigger break you would regularly have in your office is beneficial to get some rest from tasks and regenerating your energy for the rest of the day. Opet your windows sparingly so fresh air and natural daylight would come inside, stale air apart from smelling unpleasant could help lower your immune system performance. Unhealthy food, lack of sleep can also have negative effects on your health so it would be recommended to have some healthy snacks and lots of liquid, and a regular sleep schedule also.