How AI chatbots are transforming customer service?


More and more businesses are starting to use chatbots, and the way they reach out to their customers has changed with it. Oracle’s study demonstrates that by 2020 as high as 80% of brands are planning to integrate chatbots into their company business processes and 36% had already implemented it. In addition, according to Ubisent, nearly 35% of clients feel the interaction with chatbots provides a better experience.

What is a chatbot and how it works?

A chatbot (derived from “chat robot”) is, technically speaking, a computer program that simulates human conversation, whether by voice or text communication. There are generally two types of chatbots: basic ones, and AI-powered ones. Basic chatbots can only react to particular instructions they’ve been programmed to perform, they scan messages for specific keywords and reply with a predefined message. AI ones use machine learning to understand language as well, not just basic commands, This allows them to make complex responses and communicate with clients in a more personalized way.

Benefits of chatbots for businesses

Chatbots save companies money by cutting down on human resource cost, and they streamline straightforward client activities by providing much more convenient communication with clients.

  • 24/7 customer service – When calling a service provider to ask a question, people no longer need to be put on hold. In addition, customers want their needs taken care of at any hour of the day.
    This is a service that conventional customer support representatives are unable to provide.
  • Consumer analysis – Chatbots play a key role in analyzing client information. They can be programmed to monitor consumers data and trends. Allowing for optimization of marketing and enhancing sales approach.
  • Chatbots offer immediate resolution – It is as simple to interact with an AI chatbot as is talking to a customer support agent. These chatbots use their natural language processing to decode the request of a customer and react quickly with the most logical response. Customers don’t have to wait until customer support agents are accessible online, they can visit the built-in chatbots and ask questions.
  • Chatbots continuously learn – Chatbots are not only using AI to answer questions. They also use it to learn and automatically enhance the quality of the assistance provided in the future.


In conjunction with AI, machine learning technology and mobile messaging on social platforms chatbots are becoming a powerful instrument that can alter the way brands and companies interact with their customers entirely. They are here to stay and enable companies to make the most of their CRM systems by allowing clients to communicate with brands in an all-new and efficient manner.