Great new partnership. NTC Green

NTC Green is a result of cooperation between NTC Learning and Lilly021. NTC Green is part of Erasmus+ project

Controlling the child’s apps has never been easier

Easily control apps, that your child is using.

One of the features of our product is controlling the usage of applications on your child’s phone. You can monitor time your child spends on every application that is installed on his phone. Locking some of them is available as well.

As long as some applications are disabled form the parent’s side, the child will not be able to use it.

Limit the amount of “minutes on phone” for every day itself and motivate your child to play sports

Your child will have three options to gain minutes to use the phone.

First one is the number of minutes that parents give to their child for every day. Set daily limits for your child. You can “give” your child 45-60 minutes per day, but our suggestion is 30 mins on working days and 40 minutes on weekends. Your child will not be able to use the phone when he spends the amount of time given by his parents.

A second way to gain minutes is to play sports. When a child plays sports, parents have an option to award their child with an additional 15 minutes maximum.

The third way to gain minutes is to run, walk, or play around because, with specific achieved distance, children can gain more minutes.