We use the internet every day. We use it to learn new things faster and easier, to promote and further develop our businesses, to do research, to provide business services, to manage money but also for shopping, gaming, entertainment, for talking to family and friends… Every part of our lives is in contact with the internet.
The new generation doesn’t know all the “struggles” people had to go through before the internet. Every information can be found with just a couple of clicks.

Or maybe not?

There are at least 4.5 billion websites that have been indexed by search engines, which maybe sounds like a lot, but the truth is that there are a lot more websites that we can’t find on google.
Internet is maybe best, and most often, described as an iceberg. On the surface is every website that we can search regularly, and even though 4.5 billion sounds a lot, it’s only about 1% of the content.

The other part is known as Deep Web.

Deep Web gets a bad reputation in the media, because of the term Dark Web, which is a really small part of Deep Web but used for different things.
Deep Web contains different databases, websites that require registration and login, unlinked content, which are pages that are not linked by other pages, in order to prevent web crawling programs from accessing data. So it is actually very important in protecting our data.

Unlike web pages on Deep Web, which are meant to be accessible only by people who have the right permissions, sites on the Dark Web are meant to be accessible by everyone. But, in order to access those sites, you need some software that will encrypt your data and protect your privacy. The most popular is The Onion Router or TOR. It encrypts data when it’s sent and bouncing it through a number of network nodes until it arrives at its destination. Each node decrypts enough information to know where to send it next, so only the end-user can see the content the has been sent. Also, it is important to use a VPN ( Virtual Private Network) to add protection. It is advised to close all other applications that are running on your computer, stop unnecessary services from running and even to cover your webcam.

Now you need some links. Since those websites are not indexed, they are not that easy to find. The Hidden Wiki is the most popular directory with some Dark Weblinks. Another repository is Deep Web Links, or you can search some subreddits for a post containing those links.

The anonymity that TOR provides made it popular for illegal services

And even though TOR is popular for providing illegal services because of its anonymity, it’s developed by the US Navy, to protect sensitive military communications. But besides malicious use of TOR, it can also be used by people who want more protection online, who are concerned about surveillance or want to practice free speech in countries where that is not allowed.

So, even though terms Deep and Dark Web get thrown around with bad connotation, they, in their core, stand for anonymity and protection of privacy.

And in every product that we make, we offer that to our clients, protection of their data through authentication and authorization. So all of the sensitive user data is stored on the Deep Web, and user access it every day when they log in onto a website, probably not even knowing that they are in fact accessing data from the Deep Web.