Empowering and transforming businesses through top-notch digital creativity is what Adobe is unmatched for. Since its founding in 1982, it’s been a catalyst for innovative design and next-gen storytelling across industries.

Adobe game-changing tools have made it easy to express yourself through photography, video, and animation. Business-wise, its innovation in signing, editing, data analytics, marketing workflow, and content personalization has raised the digital experience to an unparalleled level.

What’s the Challenge?

For content management to be as efficient as possible and for user experiences of equal quality on all devices and channels, it was necessary to develop a CMS. 

Some companies that use it are New York Times, BBC America, Sony Music, Vogue, and Buzzfeed. The importance of CMS is that it enables non-technical people to publish content, reducing website maintenance costs. 

That’s why CMS development had to be impeccable. It also included finding developers who were up to the task. So Adobe found them among us.

How Did Lilly 021 Provide a Solution?

Our team contributed to the development of Adobe Experience Manager, which enables other teams of developers to quickly build and deliver any content following the desired front-end framework.


Being an integral part of this digital venture, we helped improve Adobe’s service performance. As a result, more and more developers from Lilly 021 are joining Adobe projects.