Bringing technologies into handball. HandballHunter

Handball Hunter is the web platform specialized for the promotion of handball players. We want to help all handball players to find their professional engagement and to make their dreams come true.

Registration on our web site is completely free. With the simple registration, you will get an opportunity to be transparent and noticed by all clubs and managers in the world. We are giving you the opportunity to come out from handball anonymity and to become a professional player.

Handball Hunter is an idea, that came from professional handball players and managers that have started their careers from small areas and environments, and that know how hard is it to be noticed and found as a talent.

We are there to help you. Handball Hunter is what we were waiting for a long time, managers, coaches, and handball players, all at the same place.

Handball is the game, which is played not only in the handball court but out of the court as well. Win with us.


You can find more about this project here.