Block.IS – Our Happy Story

All around us are good ideas, people with their creativity are trying to make the world a better place. But not all ideas succeed in seeing the light of day.

Our company works to simplify people’s lives and create new values with their ideas. One of our ideas has been recognized by the Block.IS community and we have been shortlisted for funding.

The next step was the presentation of ideas in Istanbul. On two very inspiring days, we had the opportunity to listen to the ideas of a company across Europe and also a chance to present our idea. We are delighted to have been privileged to be selected in the 23 best Ideas. In addition to the accolades we received for our work, by choosing our idea, we also received a wind in the back that will allow us to put the idea into action.

Once again, we want to thank the Block.IS for their trust and look forward to future collaboration.


We are glad that we had time to visit the beautiful Istanbul. We toured a large part of the city and on this occasion, we would like to share some photos with you.