Best CSS frameworks in 2022

A CSS framework is a collection of CSS stylesheets with ready-to-use components. Developers can write their own css, or they can override CSS framework to better suit their needs. But for some common situations and ofter used components CSS frameworks are great. You can style those components without waisting time and resources.

Here is the list of some popular CSS frameworks in 2022:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Tailwind CSS
  3. Bulma
  4. Foundation CSS
  5. Materialize CSS



One of the most popular CSS framework. It’s responsive, mobile-first oriented framework. 

It has design templates for typography, buttons, nav bars and many other UI components. Documentation and demos are plenty ti be found and very helpful. It is very easy to use, it’s popular, which can be a downside since a lot of websites look similar.

Tailwind CSS

This is a utility based CSS framework. Unlike Bootstrap, here you don’t get predefined template. It provides user with helper classes. It’s open to adding custom components. Problem with Tailwind CSS is steep learning curve and complex animations are hard to achieve.


A modern CSS framework. It’s based on flexbox and it provides mobile-first responsive design. It’s syntax is simple and it’s easy to use. Design used is clean and modern. But it comes with distinct design, so if overused will result is similar looking websites. Also Bulma community is not huge.

Foundation CSS

Another mobile-first, responsive CSS framework. It comes with HTML, CSS, SASS and JS. It’s best suited for large web applications. It provides a lot of modular JS components like tooltips, alerts, dropdown, and many more. Since a lot of features depend on JS, jQuery or Zepto, it’s not suited for React or Angular projects.

Materialize CSS

Responsive CSS framework, based on material UI design. It uses HTML, CSS and JS. It has a lot of features so it’s suited for less experienced developers. Documentation is very clear and easy to understand. Large number of color palettes and icons for everyones needs. Cons are vibrant, but still small community. And you need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS to make the best use of it.