Angular vs React vs Vue.js

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right technology for your project. Nowadays when JavaScript frameworks are very popular frequently we get questions about JavaScript framework choice. This article would give you more information about the three most popular: Angular, React and Vue.js!


  • Framework
  • Powered by Google
  • Written in TypeScript
Uses HTML & CSS in a well-known way.A complex project setup/build workflow is
Routing, State Management, Http is all included
or provided by core Angular teams members.
Learning TS and key features like DI can be
Detailed documentation that allows getting all
necessary information.
Migration issues which can appear while moving
from the older version to the latest ones.
MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) that allows
developers to work separately on the same app
section using the same set of data.
Requires more time for education.
New features like enhanced RXJS, faster
compilation (in under 3 seconds), new
HttpClient launch.
Two-way data binding that enables singular
behavior for the app which minimized risks of
possible errors.
Goolge Long-Term support.

Use Angular if:

  • You love coding in TypeScript
  • You are fond of object-oriented programming
  • You want to focus on large-scale, feature-rich applications
  • You want to develop Native app, hybrid or web apps. (long-term and heavy-
    investment projects)


  • Library to build UI
  • Powered by Facebook
  • Written in JavaScript
Easy to learn, because of its simplicity in terms
of syntax.
For SPAs you need to add a lot of key features
High level of flexibility and maximum of
JSX looks strange, working with JS only maybe
feels wrong.
Can be dropped into existing web apps/views.React JS requires deep knowledge of how to
integrate user interface into MVC framework.
Combined with ES6/7, ReactJS can work with the
high load in an easy way.
Lack of official documentation.
100% open source JavaScript library which get a
lot of everyday updates and improvements
according to the contributions of developers all
over the world.
React is unopinionated —meaning that
developers sometimes have too much choice
Downward data binding which means that with
this kind of data flow the child elements cannot
affect parent data.
Absolutely light-weighted because the data
performing on the user side can be easily
represented on the server side simultaneously.
Migrating between versions is generally very
Virtual DOM (document object model) that
allows arranging documents in HTML, XHTML, or
XML formats into a tree from which is better
acceptable by web browsers while parsing
different elements of the web app.

Use ReactJS if:

  • You like flexibility more than other features
  • You are a JavaScript lover
  • You want to develop the cross-platform app, SPA or mobile apps.


  • Library
  • Created by Former Google Employee
  • Written in JavaScript
  • It has been learning from the mistakes and successes of
    React & Angular
    Intuitive syntax.Lack of resources. Vue.js still has a pretty small
    market share in comparison with React or
    Angular, which means that knowledge sharing in
    this framework is still in the beginning phase.
    Lightweight and easy to learn.Some key features for more complex apps have

    to be added manually.
    Core feature provided by core team.Language Barrier.
    Lack of full English documentation.
    Uses HTML & CSS in well known wayBeing too flexibile can be problematic.

    Sometimes, Vue.js might have issues while
    integrating into huge projects and there is still
    no experience with possible solutions, but they
    will definitely come soon.
    Detailed documentation.Adaptability. It provides a rapid switching period
    from other frameworks to Vue.js because of the
    similarity with Angular and React in terms of
    design and architecture.
    Simple integration.
    Vue.js can be used for both building single-page
    applications and more difficult web interfaces of
    Can be dropped into existing web apps/view –
    The main thing is that smaller interactive parts
    can be easily integrated into the existing
    infrastructure with no negative effect on the
    entire system.
    Large scaling.
    Vue.js can help to develop pretty large reusable
    templates that can be made with no extra time
    allocated for that according to its simple
    Small size.
    Vue.js can weight around 20KB keeping its
    speed and flexibility that allows reaching much
    better performance in comparison to other

Use Vue if:

  • You are a fan of clean code
  • You are a beginner
  • You want separation of concerns
  • You want to develop a small project

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