An appealing job advertisement

Creating an appealing ad for a job that will attract the majority of candidates looking to get that certain position can be a bit challenging given the competition among companies and increase in ad posts on different platforms. This blog post will briefly describe the necessary parts of an ad that will give all relevant information to the candidate and raise the employers chances of a candidate applying for a certain position.

  1. Every ad should start with naming a position for which the ad is posted, for example: Junior front-end (React) developer. After the position the name of the company goes next. Next relevant information is the location of the job, if the position is remote that should also be noted. And lastly, this section should contain the deadline for the application.
  2. Second part should include some relevant information about the company posting the job ad. When and where was it founded, where it is stationed now, technology it is using. Companies mission and vision could also be briefly explained in this part.

Next four parts are interwoven together and putting them in a specific order is not necessary. That being said, none of them should be missing from the ad.

  • Job responsibilities – this section should state every task the employee  does when working on this specific position. Bad practice is to exclude some of the responsibilities that will be done to make the position look easy and get more candidates, that makes the candidates and employees feel like you are hiding something from them and leads to bad employer branding.
  • Needed knowledge and skills – this part of the ad should explicitly state which technologies should the candidate have experience with, some obligatory language or any other certificate if needed. If a college degree is necessary for a certain position it should be stated in this section also, and prior work experience on this role also.
  • Skills and knowledge that is good to have – every other trait that is not beneficial to the role the candidate is applying should be stated in this section. This part of the ad usually has soft and other skills that can only improve the performance of the employee but it is not critical to have them. For example communication skills, being a team player and similar traits.
  • What the company is offering to the candidate – this is basically the EVP of the company. EVP stands for Employer Value Proposition and includes everything the company offers to attract and retain employees. This includes salary, vacation, bonuses, different packages of benefits such as gym membership, opportunity to go on different educations and so on. The larger the EVP and the more different groups it affects the larger the chances of an employee being interested in your company are.

Last but not least, efter sending the resume, every candidate likes to be informed if they are accepted for an interview so it is good practice to give a deadline when they will be informed about their status. There are the guidelines on how to make a concise job ad with everything that is necessary, but don’t restrict yourself when creating a job ad, a little creativity and innovation goes a long way.