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Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.


Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.


All you need is a good idea – we will transform it into great software

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Lilly 021 is a Serbian software company based in the city of Novi Sad which is widely considered as an IT center of our country. Our mission is to enable business growth with smart and attractive software solutions for our clients. Whether it is your first app or fifth, in  development we will help you succeed with your strategy. Regardless of the size or profile of your company, we will do our very best to understand your business and provide an effective solution – one that will be tailored to your needs.

Our business is to build impactful digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies. To insure that the project will be done in agreed deadline, our employees are working on their tasks responsibly and conscientiously.

Outsourcing supports the entire development lifecycle, from design to development, testing to validation, maintenance to customer support. Our engineers take an active, creative role in every project, helping to align technology with business goals—and building long-term partnerships that deliver increasing value over time

All you need is a good idea!

Based on your business goals, we’re going to prepare specifications, divide them into tasks and execute them. You can choose any level of involvement. We have the expertise and manpower to turn even a rough vision into a working, powerful IT solution.
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Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions are socially accepted and desired. They streamline business processes and accelerate the pace of digitalization! Let us help your business.

Web Solutions

Transform your business with solutions tailored to your needs & goals. Focusing on the latest web standards, our team sets a creative foundation for your digital presence on the Internet with the ultimate website design.

Custom ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning software can help you to organize, automate and improve your business. It can increase efficiency and maintain continuous growth.


We have the expertise and resources to help your business bolster its marketing efforts, which include e-commerce solutions that allow you to sell your products and services online.

Blockchain Solutions

We develop blockchain-based innovations for and together with our clients, providing full service consulting, development and implementation for business applications based on blockchain technology.

AI Solutions

Lilly021 embeds AI capabilities in any software to deliver more intelligent, automated solutions that help you boost productivity and unlock new possibilities.

Price / Quality ratio
Expert employees
Modern latest technologies
Patent ownership
Delivery on time
Flexible operating conditions

We are in Serbia

When a company operates in several countries, it also brings travel, and Serbia is a great place for it. People who visit Serbia come home smiling and happy. Serbia is a land full of natural beauties and historical landmarks. Serbia is a country of people who will always welcome you. Good night and food are another big plus.

The city of Novi Sad

Thanks to the constant work and effort, Novi Sad becomes the center of IT and innovation in this part of Europe. Several different segments of society participate in this work, which, together, create a healthy ecosystem for the advancement of the IT industry. Equally, the economy, the education system, and government representatives participate in the whole process. It should not be overlooked that the entire community has recognized IT as the engine for all other sectors of the economy.

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