Why Juniors Should Start in the Office

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Remote work sounds like heaven? No doubt! But there's something special about kicking it off inside an office. 

For newcomers to coding, the office atmosphere is like a turbo-charged learning zone - imagine skill-building, tech gossip, and soaking up all those professional vibes. 

So, if you're looking for your first job but shy away from the 9-to-5 office routine, stick around and discover what you're losing out on by not hanging out at the company's headquarters.

Seasoned Professionals' Proximity Value

Working with your mentor or experienced coworkers in person is priceless. Having them nearby means faster fixes and fewer issues when your code runs into a snag. Spontaneous interactions and simply watching and listening can lead to acquiring extra knowledge. However, it's not only about getting advice but also about developing human relationships that screen chats simply cannot match. 

Now, a top tip! Whether you work from home or in an office, knowing when to seek assistance from a seasoned professional is critical. While at the office, you can tell whether they are overburdened with essential tasks. It's vital to remember no one wants to be interrupted. So, while waiting for your colleague's attention, reconsider whether you can devise a solution alone. That's how you become more independent anyway!

Mastering Team Communication

A typical workday includes lines of code as well as lines of conversation. When you're part of a team, it's not just what you say but also how you say it. Virtual communication may not always portray a credible tone, which can lead to misunderstandings and strained relationships within the team. As a result, you must first spend time in the office to become acquainted with your superiors' and coworkers' ways of speaking, tone, and even body language. While digital platforms are convenient, they overlook these nuances. 

What is essential in your profession is sharing information briefly and precisely, whether through your team’s internal channel, an email to superiors, or a meeting with clients. However, it is preferable to practice this skill in real life. Only by working at the office can you get a sense of the authentic ambiance and communication style that is part of the company's culture.


Most importantly, a typical office setting increases productivity. It's a place of better concentration and efficiency, a bullseye for those still honing their talents. In contrast to remote work, the physical closeness of teammates not only ensures on-the-spot corrections but also offers you a slew of technical resources and tools for real-time problem-solving on your own.

One additional thing about office space. Spontaneous team talks provide a fertile ground for unique solutions, creativity, and innovation. Workshops, informal Friday gatherings, seminars, and indoor team-building events are also excellent ways to feel like part of a team, meet new colleagues, develop soft skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the software business through interactions.

Company Culture Assimilation

We can't stress how important it is for you to be aligned with the business culture. Although you most likely researched the company's values and norms before applying, being physically present and experiencing what it means in practice is quite different. 

Working at an office in your early stages can help you align your personal growth with the company's mission and success in the long term, from team dynamics to understanding the company's ethos to the decision-making process. Consider the office not only as a workplace location but also as a space for belonging, adaptability, and your effect on the digital future as you evolve as an equal member of the organization from junior to senior.

Building Professional Network

Face-to-face encounters, as you know, develop deeper relationships and trust among team members, resulting in improved collaboration. What about professional networking? When you are a rising star, you have a different number of business contacts than seasoned software developers. On the other hand, a lack of expertise on business networks such as LinkedIn will hardly draw the attention of notable potential partners to your profile. A strong network can offer doors to new possibilities, partnerships, and even mentorship in today's competitive corporate world. 

You may demonstrate your abilities, learn from industry leaders, and make valuable contacts by attending networking events or conferences in your company. And you know how people say, 'I know a person who knows a person'? Familiarizing specialists with your knowledge and potential collaboration is far more likely when the experts know you personally, outside the monitor's framework.

Another Reason to Head to the Office

The truth is that routine benefits us all. Working from home frequently requires getting out of bed and immediately going to work. On the other hand, working at the office gives you regular hours, a workstation, and a clear understanding of your responsibilities. It's an excellent method to get organized, better manage your time, and build positive habits like sleeping correctly and developing a morning routine. 

Let's be honest. Commuting isn't anyone’s favorite activity. However, it forces you to prepare for the day and remain disciplined. So, if you want a healthy work-life balance, starting at an office can make all the difference in setting yourself up for success.

You Can Still Make Yourself at Home

In conclusion, while the appeal of remote work remains strong, there is much to be gained from starting in an office. The workplace provides a fertile learning ground for your early career, from soaking up the combined wisdom of seasoned professionals to mastering the art of team collaboration and delving deep into business culture. Add to it the sense of structure and routine that an office provides—essential for personal and professional development. 

So, begin the path that will offer you coding abilities and the development needed for a rewarding career. Oh, one more thing. If Lilly021 is that place, please bring your favorite mug to work and engage in humorous coffee break talks next to our espresso machine!

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