Where Is AI Already Being Used Without Our Awareness?

Artificial intelligence is the driving force behind the technological advances that have permeated everyday life. From speech recognition to self-driving cars, it has transformed how we interact with technology and has the potential to continue transforming society in the years ahead. We can't imagine returning to the old ways of communicating, obtaining information, and traveling. Yet, despite this assurance, many people are still skeptical of AI.

Psychology can help us understand why this is the case. People experience conflicting emotions due to fear of the unknown, losing control, and replaceability. While some see AI as a valuable tool for completing routine tasks, others are concerned that automation of manual systems could easily take over their jobs and deprive them of career opportunities.

So, how to overcome this anxiety? Discovering how AI assists you daily without realizing it is a great place to start.

AI Personalizes Your Google and Social Media Experience

Have you ever wondered how you get valuable newsletters all the time? You've probably noticed that topics of your interest always find their way to you on Instagram and Facebook. Likewise, LinkedIn suggests connections that are closely related to your profession. In 90% of cases, Google search reads your mind and completes the sentence exactly as you imagined. Do you find it odd? Relax. There are no eavesdroppers nearby. AI does its job by utilizing algorithms that recommend content based on info gathered about your age, country, interests, and search history.

Who Handles Your Online Shopping List?

Here's another example of how algorithms lurk about. Perhaps a product on the website piqued your interest, but you needed to decide whether to buy it. So you put it on your wishlist. Then, after a few days, you notice an ad for the same product on another website or social network. This is how AI uses remarketing to boost e-commerce. But what does it mean for you as a consumer? Streamlined shopping by suggesting products that are the same or similar to those desired.

The Digital Watchdog Is on Duty Around the Clock

Take a second to unlock your phone. Did you use a numeric password, fingerprint recognition, or face recognition? In any case, you engaged AI for this job. No matter your attitude toward artificial intelligence, you must admit this is an excellent protection method. The same goes for the technical security systems of homes, businesses, and vehicles. Ultra-precise sensors linked to the software platform enable continuous monitoring and detection of suspicious movements near your property. No cookie trick will ever fool this watchdog!

Speaking of security, what about your savings? They stand still in the bank, safe from fraud and theft, with complete transparency of all money flows - thanks to AI.

No Plagiarism, No Problem

Plagiarism is the last thing you need, whether you write scientific papers, fiction, or other content. Not only should you avoid copying someone else's work, but you should also avoid having your own work copied by others. Of course, when using another author's words, you will cite the source. But how will you know if your words have been plagiarized? To ensure originality, use plagiarism detection tools. Should we mention that AI is the brain behind the scenes?

Sometimes you get carried away with your writing or texting and make a typo. In that case, how useful is autocorrect? At the very least, it speeds up the proofreading. Guess who's got your back again!

Travel Anywhere in Effortless Bounds

Younger generations find it difficult to imagine long-distance travel without air conditioning or navigation. These technological advances have made trips more convenient, allowing us to reach distant destinations in hours. Furthermore, applications for local taxis, Uber, or purchasing bus and train tickets online have alleviated the headache of not knowing if there are enough tickets left. Traveling is now a comfort that relies on AI methods to automate time-consuming tasks. And we know how important saving time is in modern life. So doesn't it seem like the Boogeyman is gaining popularity?

What Does the Future Hold?

Now that you understand AI better, you can conclude that high technology is only as valuable if you use it wisely. Instead of viewing it as an evil robot that threatens to enslave Homo sapiens, consider the benefits it provides you in business and in your personal life. Cutting-edge digital solutions, such as those developed by our team, significantly impact various industries.

Of course, we can't say that advanced tools won't replace certain positions. However, the advancement of AI will also open the door to developing new skills, which may be the very thing that lead you to unexpected personal and professional growth!

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