Top 5 vim Plugins


  1. Vim fugitive

First of all, let’s start with development essentials. Vim fugitive is a vim plugin for Git, as the developers of vim Fugitive say “so awesome, it should be illegal”.

As every CLI tool in vim, you can call fugitive plugin by entering Normal mode and typing :Git or just :G.

It offers all of the git commands, so you never have to leave vim again!

Installation is pretty standard, you can use your favorite vim plugin manager (Vundle, VimPlug…),

or use Vim’s built-in package support:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/tpope/start
cd ~/.vim/pack/tpope/start
git clone
vim -u NONE -c “helptags fugitive/doc” -c q


you can access the source code on:


  1. The NERD tree


The NERD tree is a file system explorer for vim. This plugin allows you to browse complex directory hierarchies, so your vim experience is as good as any other development environment.

You can call NERDTree utility by entering :NERDTree in normal mode, or you can make a shortcut in

Your Vimrc file:

For example put “nnoremap <C-n> :NERDTree<CR>” in your vimrc and you will    be able to call NERDTree with CTRL + n.

Installation is easy with any of your favorite vim plugin managers.


Source code:


  1. FZF


Fzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder. It’s an interactive Unix filter for command-line

That allows you to search and switch between files with ease, just look at   documentation at  for the basic key bindings, or you can make your own in your vimrc.

You can install it as vim plugin with Plugin manager of choice, or with package manager of your Linux distro, since it is in every Linux

Some of the most common are:

sudo apt-get install fzf – for Debian forks as Ubuntu and other ubuntu-like distros.

sudo pacman -S fzf – for arch and arch forks like manjaro and others.


  1. Omnisharp-vim


This one is a little different from the previous ones, since it is specific for c# development, but it is too good to be left out.

OmniSharp-vim is a plugin for Vim to provide IDE like abilities for C#.

The plugin relies on the OmniSharp-Roslyn server, a .NET development platform used by several editors including Visual Studio Code and Emacs.

Some of the main features are:

  • Code completion
  • Jump to definition
  • Find implementations
  • Find usages
  • Full semantic highlighting
  • Code error checking
  • Code formatter and others.

Of course you can make a key binding for every feature you’d like to use.


Source code at:


  1. Nerd Commenter


For the last one I had to go with this one, because I like using it so much.

Nerd Commenter is a vim plugin for nerdy commenting powers.

Not so much to say about this one, it just gives you the ability to comment selected blocks of code in vim, it can recognize the language used in the file, and puts comments accordingly.

Of course you have default mappings which you can read in official documentation on or as always you can make your own in your vimrc file.

Install it with your favorite plugin manager.