Frankfurt’s Digital Stage: Lilly021 at TechConnect

Lilly021 at TechConnect in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, frequently associated with being a worldwide financial powerhouse, recently hosted the TechConnect business forum as part of the Day of Serbian Culture. The main goals of this event were to promote commercial networking possibilities and to highlight Serbian IT enterprises' growing global potential. 

Among the many attendees, Lilly021 stood out as a shining example of Serbia's thriving IT scene. Here are some of the highlights.

Serbia's Strong Representation

The TechConnect event in Frankfurt was a watershed point in the Serbian IT landscape. For far too long, Serbian IT experts have been perceived almost merely as a source of low-cost labor worldwide. But this forum transformed that narrative. 

Our local IT companies’ performance numbers were commendable for a country with a relatively small footprint on the world map. It demonstrated that Serbian software engineers can match their peers from more developed countries regarding knowledge and skills. This was also echoed by Nebojsa Bobic, the CTO of Lilly021, who made a notable appearance at the forum.

He highlighted our company's ability to deliver software programming services internationally, as evidenced by collaborations with industry giants like Adobe, FIS Global, and Digital Realty. While Lilly021's consistent growth is evident, Bobic's participation was not solely as a spokesperson for Lilly021 but as a voice for Serbia's IT community. He underscored Serbia's potential in the global IT landscape and the importance of highly educated software engineers in Serbia, equipped with the expertise to positively influence the future and improve lives through digital transformation.

Undoubtedly, the prowess of our nation's IT professionals was acknowledged, and Novi Sad emerged as a potential frontrunner in IT and innovation for this European region. So, what's the takeaway from this pivotal event?

More Than Just Numbers

TechConnect was a one-of-a-kind platform where organizations from the same and different industries could engage and build prospective relationships. B2B meetings at the prestigious Frankfurt Stock Exchange enabled foreign participants to get insights into our country’s IT experts’ work ethics, ideas, mindsets, and prior achievements. They also took a deeper look at our culture and the versatility of our specialists, from understanding new technology to dealing with clients across several time zones to conversing in multiple languages fluently. 

As a result, German corporations are more interested in collaborating with Novi Sad companies, driven not by cost but by competence, which validates our global image. This pivotal moment is more than just an acknowledgment; it marks the dawn of a new era for Serbian IT. It instills a newfound confidence, propelling us to initiate our own ventures. With this momentum, we are poised not merely to adapt to global digital trends but to pioneer them, launching our distinct products and carving a niche in the digital domain.

Shared Visions: The Heartwarming Frankfurt-Novi Sad Alliance

The honors our delegates received at this prestigious event were enhanced by the gracious hospitality of the mayor. The city's and elected officials' dedication was critical in organizing a successful event and creating genuine bonds and mutual respect. At the same time, we were provided an opportunity for fruitful discussions on various topics, including economic development and social integration. The support of our vision and work by the mayor of Frankfurt gave us more motivation for growth within our company's office in that city, but also on the global map.

This international recognition was also supported by the government of our homeland and the presence of the deputy mayor of Novi Sad. His active participation demonstrated the city's commitment to fostering global partnerships and promoting cultural exchange. The presence of the Minister of Diaspora further strengthened the forum as a platform for meaningful dialogue and cooperation at the international level. 

Closing Thoughts

The TechConnect inaugurated a new era for Serbia's IT force, demonstrating its potential on the world stage. Lilli021's outstanding presentation emphasized the country's strengths, challenging the old image of information technology in Serbia as merely cheap labor. Frankfurt's renowned financial heart gave unrivaled warmth, with significant B2B connections revealing Serbia's richness in IT competence, culture, and diversity. This move from costs to competence has piqued the interest of German companies, signaling a watershed moment in our IT path. 

Reflecting on our path, Serbia isn't just a contributor to the global digital saga; she stands prepared to pioneer and establish new trends. At Lilly021, we persistently evolve, embracing and championing this very vision.

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