Extending the Drupal roles permissions


Drupal is being chosen as a platform for building websites, among other things, thanks to its flexibility. One amongst the areas where you've got really big customising options is user permissions settings page. Advanced user wants even more options, which are often achieved with plugins.

The Content Access module gives you role permissions at the content type and on node level. By default, node level permissions are disabled but you'll enable it on a type-by-type basis. If you put in ACL module, Content Access can provide you with per user permissions at the content type and node level. This module is preferred of all modules for managing content permissions. Plugin is available for Drupal version 7, 8 and 9.

Nodeaccess is a Drupal access control module which provides view, edit and delete access to nodes. Users with the 'grant node permissions' permission will have a grant tab on node pages which allows them to grant access thereto node by user or role. Administrators can set default access controls per content type, and also define which roles are available to grant permissions to on the node grants tab. You'll allow user to only edit node but not delete it for instance. Plugin is basically easy to use and it’s us personal favourite. Module is accessible for Drupal version 7, 8 and 9.


If you're using Drupal version 7, you'll try Flexi Access. The module allow you to manage access to individual nodes. The administrator may grant individual users the correct to: View (read), update (edit/write), and delete the node.The main idea behind Flexi Access is to permit flexible per user access control for nodes without the complexity of Organic Groups, and without having to form plenty of overlapping roles.

Permission control is really complex if is site maintained by group of administrtors/ editors. With these plugins you'll maximise Drupal functionality and simple use for them.

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