red panda software

As an enterprise software developer and technology partner with extensive experience developing customized software, with offices in SA and the UK, redPanda has been helping retail and financial businesses thrive for over a decade.

Having gained a reputation for its strong technical expertise in Cloud and mobile environments, redPanda continues the path of excellence by providing companies with technology solutions to access various Cloud-based platforms.

What’s the Challenge?

The trust that redPanda has gained from its clients, such as Lewis and Foschini, is only fair to justify by establishing and maintaining an optimal price-quality ratio. 

So, in the redPanda’s UK department emerged the need for developers with rich technical knowledge and evaluations of current and implementation of new digital solutions. That’s where Lilly 021 stepped in.

How Did Lilly 021 Provide a Solution?

As technology partners, through detailed and extensive analysis, our developers have successfully contributed to developing top-notch solutions.

We applied our practical knowledge to optimize the price and quality ratio, which directly affects revenues and satisfaction of long-term and new customers.


While redPanda has the Lilly 021 expert team of developers who are up to every development and analysis challenge, our successful work here has opened the door for us to cooperate with many eminent clients such as Digital Realty, Hotwire, RAS, Boston Scientific, and ZapMap.