fis global

Focusing on retail and institutional banking, payments, asset and wealth management, risk & compliance, and consulting, FIS is a global financial service technology leader. Serving more than 20,000 clients in 130 countries, this FinTech company contributes to modern banking solutions worldwide.

Being a Standard & Poor’s 500 Index member speaks volumes about its success and empowering the world of finance by providing ultimate technological solutions.

What’s the Challenge?

A FinTech giant like FIS handles an impressive amount of numbers and information daily, on which retail and financial institutions depend. So, to simplify the processes of collateral management for its users from bottom to top, it was necessary to develop an online platform that would enable trading automation.

To overcome this challenge, FIS involved our developers as a part of the team engaged in developing a modular management system.

How Did Lilly 021 Provide a Solution?

Lilly 021 was part of the team that developed the trading system (Loan, Borrow, and Borrow vs. Cash) and helped the creation of Margin Call. 

We contributed to a digital solution for financial trading, easy access to data and the market, inventory optimization, and collateral management processes from front to back.


By helping develop the securities finance trading and collateral platform, we enabled FIS to enhance trade transparency, revenue increase, and more straightforward integration with third-party systems.