fashion veritas

Fashion Veritas is a software we developed to check the originality and track the inventory of all manufactured garments. The importance of our project was recognized and indirectly funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS.

RFID tags and blockchain enable product movement monitoring and fraud detection, which users and retail employees can detect through a mobile application. In this way, we have enabled simpler resource management and purchase security.

What’s the Challenge?

Retail companies with many branches, especially international ones, face difficulties tracking inventory in real-time, both in the stores and in the storage or showrooms.

Identifying damaged, second-hand, or fake garments planted in the shop is also challenging. Therefore, our team has developed game-changing solutions for retail companies to avoid costs and damage their reputation.

How Did Lilly 021 Provide a Solution?

Our team has developed software-based sensors that monitor and count the condition of items 24/7. They also identify the sizes of garments in or out of the store, showroom, or stock and inform employees about them.

RFID tags confirm the originality of each garment brought in or returned to the store, thereby preventing abuse of the return policy.


Our software-based sensors are applicable in all retail companies and optimize resource management by replacing the manual system and minimizing human mistakes.

100% confirmation of the originality of the garment and quick feedback to customers about the stock status raises the customer experience to a higher level and contributes to the revenue increase.