Programmer Meeting Oscar Wilde: Bridging the Gap with End User Understanding.

September 18, 2023

What Can Oscar Wilde Teach You About Understanding End Users?

Picture Oscar Wilde walking into an IT company. Eager to discuss a digital solution, he starts brainstorming and finally drops his famous statement, “I’m so smart that sometimes I don’t understand a word I say.” Taught by experience, the veteran software engineer automatically puts him on the list of problematic clients! Do you know why? […]

Group of office coworkers cheering in celebration.

September 11, 2023

Q4 Impact: Why the Final Stretch Matters

Just like in natural ones, cycles dictate progress in the business ecosystem. And software development is no exception. Throughout the year, spanning four quarters, dev teams negotiate the constant steps of strategizing, creating, coding, validating, and rolling out software. Each phase has its own goals and challenges as teams strive to create high-quality products tailored […]

work from office

September 4, 2023

Why Juniors Should Start in the Office

Remote work sounds like heaven? No doubt! But there’s something special about kicking it off inside an office.  For newcomers to coding, the office atmosphere is like a turbo-charged learning zone – imagine skill-building, tech gossip, and soaking up all those professional vibes.  So, if you’re looking for your first job but shy away from […]

Illustration of a realistic software engineer brain symbolizing critical thinking in Vausheria.

August 28, 2023

Critical Thinking in Coding: Your Ladder to Software Mastery?

Is critical thinking a rare talent reserved for a chosen few? Or is it just a myth spread by those hesitant to venture into software development? If you ask us, such a viewpoint weakens the genuine core of critical thinking. Rather than viewing it as an unchangeable quality, consider it an evolving talent that may […]

Brain inside Earth

August 21, 2023

Tech’s Cultural Compass: Why Cultural Intelligence Counts

In the busy global IT arena, experts team up worldwide, each with a unique cultural imprint. This international union, however, has its challenges. Cultural differences in conventions and attitudes can sometimes operate as barriers to efficient communication.  Today’s blog post digs into the critical function of cultural intelligence in software development teams, emphasizing its significance […]

Illuminated Circuit Board: Intricate Design Crafted by AI Mimicking Cyborg Brain Patterns

August 14, 2023

How AI Can Supercharge Your Engineering Skills

Ever found yourself stuck in a Twitter battle arguing if AI’s the ally or the bad guy in the coding universe?  Whether you’re Team Hero or Team Villain, why not tap into its wisdom for your benefit? In fact, you can roll up your sleeves right away.  Here’s how AI catapults your engineering chops to […]


August 7, 2023

The IT Orchestra: Harmonizing Skills for Optimal Output

Is it still possible to have a one-man show in the IT landscape today? This work of art appears to have fallen through the floor. The preference for a single person to manage all aspects of a project has given way to a significant shift toward collaborative invention, which favors creative groups over solo contributors. […]

Image of a modern skyline resembling an Asian Silicon Valley with futuristic buildings and distinctive Asian architectural elements.

July 31, 2023

Eastern IT: Emerging Tech Giants

Keeping up with the latest trends in IT and AI, it’s impossible to ignore the growing clout of countries like China, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Not only are they reaping the benefits of rapid digitalization and substantial government support, but they’re also challenging the tech standards set by the US and Europe. So, is […]

A colorful image depicting travel essentials, including a suitcase, flip-flops, a hat, sunglasses, a plane ticket, and a camera.

July 24, 2023

Essential Reset: The Importance of Taking Your Annual Leave

Increasing productivity and job satisfaction is frequently discussed in terms of honing soft skills and achieving a harmonious work-life balance during the workday. While these are undoubtedly important, there is another factor that can improve task completion efficiency—and it may surprise you. It is the time you spend not working at all!  Sounds like a […]