hybrid workstyle

December 4, 2023

Hybrid Work Model: What You Need to Know

Ever find yourself yearning for the office buzz, sipping your morning coffee while sharing inside jokes? Yet, on other days, the thought of ditching your pajamas for the daily commute in dreary rain feels like a nightmare. No, there are not two different inner yous. It’s the hybrid working model that would suit you. The […]

home office

November 27, 2023

Effective Remote Work: How to Enhance Your Soft Skills

Remote work, once celebrated for its conveniences like working from the comfort of home and the absence of daily commutes, can be a double-edged sword. On one side lies the allure of a familiar environment, while on the other, the potential for disconnected team members and a disjointed workflow looms.  So that’s where soft skills […]

it trends

November 20, 2023

Top IT Skills in Demand in 2024

In the ever-racing tech arena, staying in the loop isn’t a choice—it’s a must. Whether you’re a seasoned software developer aiming to maintain your edge, a practitioner honing your skills, or a job hunter gearing up for crucial interviews, you’ve got to ride the trend wave.  Join us on a journey into the most sought-after […]


November 13, 2023

How Does Lilly021 Fuel Startup Success?

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, startups are pushing the boundaries of innovation and boosting our economies. However, they often wrestle with various hurdles, from limited resources to fierce competition. That’s where having the proper guidance and expertise becomes essential.  Here at Lilly021, we take pride in being that reliable partner for startups, providing the support […]


November 6, 2023

Maximizing Your IT Internship: The Role of Mentor

When it comes to software engineering, making the leap from the classroom to the real-world industry can be a thrilling yet daunting adventure. Recent graduates navigate uncharted territory, facing complex tech challenges. They often find that practice deviates from their perception of how a task is approached and performed in the workplace. But here at […]

Hand holding a watch

October 30, 2023

Mapping Out 2024: IT Challenges to Prepare For

As the year gradually winds down, the momentum is picking up at Lilly021. While our teams are tirelessly focused on hitting the mark for our last quarterly goal, there’s also a buzz of anticipation as we look to the horizon and set our sights on the milestones for the forthcoming year.  As we enter this […]


October 23, 2023

Streamlining Cross-Functional Collaboration

At Lilly021, talented experts from various fields combine their expertise. Such synergy ensures that each task is viewed comprehensively and from different perspectives. The flawless cross-functional collaboration undoubtedly allows us to remain adaptable, relevant, and innovative in a volatile market.  Is it ever challenging to maintain the same vision? Of course. But isn’t overcoming that […]

Silhouette of an individual, half in formal attire.

October 16, 2023

Work-Life Balance at Lilly021

At Lilly021, it’s not just about the output but the well-being of those creating it. Recognizing that a thriving company stems from flourishing employees, elements that nurture a balanced work-life are prioritized. From flexible work environments to mental health support, we continuously strive to create a workspace where our team feels valued, supported, and empowered. […]

Two hands shaking

October 9, 2023

5 Essential Checks for Cross-Cultural Interactions

Business communication involves the transmission, reception, and comprehension of messages. This process may encounter disruptions when it involves professionals from varied cultural backgrounds. In one culture, what is considered a standard practice or ethos may be seen as disrespectful or unprofessional in another.  As a result, it’s critical to thoroughly investigate any discrepancies that may […]